Podcast: Gaining Awareness Of Your Internal Family

Welcome to the first of three podcasts that examine how your thinking can keep you stuck, how to take leadership and move forward and how your thinking works in specific situations. Many theorists when talking about how we think have worked on the premise that our mind and personality is unitary. That means that we process in one mode of thinking before it moves onto another part, rather like lights switching on and off before it is either processed or subdued. I believe in multiplicity. I believe that our thinking and personality are similar to a family or “tribe” of thinking modes or parts (one could use elements, concepts, etc) that all have their own personality, needs and wants. Very similar to being part of a family or collection of people with different personalities who see the world in a specific way. Sometimes, they agree, sometimes they are in conflict (polarised), sometimes they are friends and sometimes they are enemies. Each “part” is formed, initially in childhood but also as we grow and gain experience.

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Dr. Nicholas Jenner

Dr. Nicholas Jenner is a therapist offering online therapy globally.

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