Dr Nicholas Jenner, a counselling psychotherapist in private online practice, has been regularly writing a blog for over a decade on mental health issues. His work, highlighted on this app, is a collection of his ongoing mission to provide free resources on issues that affect people day-to-day such as: Codependency, Narcissist Abuse and Recovery, Inner Child Healing, Couples Therapy, Family Issues, Parenting Advice, Pursuit Of Happiness, Depression, Self-Help and Stress Management. Find also unique podcasts by Dr Jenner where he discusses different mental health issues.

Dr Jenner has a firm commitment to ensure that content is current and continuous with regular articles. You can learn tools and methods that are needed to deal with life issues.

About: Dr Jenner runs a thriving online therapy business bringing help to those who find taking therapy online as convenient for their needs. By using effective tailored therapeutic approaches, he put clients back in charge of their own destiny by ensuring that awareness is followed by definitive action.