New Podcast: An Honest Update On The Path To Freedom

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Those of you who have been following the blog will be aware that I am currently in the midst of a period of reflection. Reaching 60 has got me thinking about my life to this point and how it might look going forward. I am trying to become aware of who I really want to be as a person, the basis for my recent article. At long last, I’m making an effort to come to grips with my codependency and define who I really am. I am not my relationships or the blurred lines that often exist in codependent identity. Somewhere along the path to 60, I got lost with the idea that I don’t matter but other people do. 

I’ve done an excellent job of explaining how things work to others, but I’ve done a poor job of following my own advice at times. With my self-disclosure, I’m hoping that it may be able to assist or encourage others who are going through similar situations. This is an honest account of my attempts at changing a well-set pattern that has been a part of my life since childhood. Read More

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Dr. Nicholas Jenner, a therapist, coach, and speaker, has over 20 years of experience in the field of therapy and coaching. His specialty lies in treating codependency, a condition that is often characterized by a compulsive dependence on a partner, friend, or family member for emotional or psychological sustenance. Dr. Jenner's approach to treating codependency involves using Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, a treatment method that has gained widespread popularity in recent years. He identifies the underlying causes of codependent behavior by exploring his patients' internal "parts," or their different emotional states, to develop strategies to break free from it. Dr. Jenner has authored numerous works on the topic and offers online therapy services to assist individuals in developing healthy relationships and achieving emotional independence.

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