Mental Health Blog

By Dr Nicholas Jenner

Mental Health Blog
By Dr Nicholas Jenner

Welcome to my blog dedicated to mental health issues. I have been regularly writing about these issues for over a decade and the Online Therapist blog and app are a collection of my articles and podcasts on matters that affect people day-to-day such as relationships, codependency, narcissist abuse, parenting and depressionBrowse through the top menu to explore more. It is my aim to continue to write blogposts and create podcasts and make this content freely available as a resource. I hope you enjoy this blog.

Dr Nicholas Jenner

Counseling Psychotherapist


Online Therapy Services

Starting the process is easier than you may think. All you need to do is contact me by mail or telephone and arrange the first consultation. This is free and will allow you to present your issues.

The Online Therapist App

My work, highlighted on this app, is a collection of my ongoing mission to provide free resources on issues that affect people day-to-day. The Online Therapist App is available on Google Play and App Store.


Welcome to my online therapy hub dedicated to codependent recovery. Explore the wealth of resources available to start your path to recovery.


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