Welcome to my blog dedicated to mental health issues. I have been regularly writing about these issues for over a decade and the Online Therapist blog and app are a collection of my articles and podcasts on matters that affect people day-to-day such as relationships, codependency, narcissist abuse, parenting and depressionBrowse through the top menu to explore more. It is my aim to continue to write blogposts and create podcasts and make this content freely available as a resource. I hope you enjoy this blog.

Dr Nicholas Jenner

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Finding your Purpose and what is likely holding you back

Having a sense of purpose is essential to leading a fulfilling life. It provides direction, meaning, and motivation, and it can lead to greater happiness and well-being. Without a sense of purpose, life can feel aimless and unsatisfying.

On the Subject of Self-esteem

The root of this problem can often be traced back to our formative years, a time when our primary caregivers play an influential role in shaping our self-esteem.

Repost: A Real Life Case Of Examining Thinking

We can often remember the feelings around significant events that have shaped our thinking more than the events themselves. These feelings leave an imprint on us that we take forward into our adulthood and subsequent relationships.

New Podcast: Codependency Is Just A Part Of You

Most of us have, over time, become dominated by a few strong parts that ‘run the show’ pretty successfully. If we are asked to describe our personality, we would list these parts as our qualities.

The Simple Solutions Are Often The Most Difficult

Our mind is a great thing and we can often feel it controls us with its thoughts and meanderings. We often comment on how things came up “out of the blue” and we don’t know where that thought came from.

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Welcome to my online therapy hub dedicated to codependent recovery. Explore the wealth of resources available to start your path to recovery.


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