Self-Esteem Is About “Doing” Not “Being”. Increase Your Self-Worth In 5 Easy Steps

Self-esteem is a big issue for all of us and we could all do with more. In therapy, it is one of the most sought after goals that clients put on their wish list. “I need to increase my self-esteem”, I often hear. Just how many truly know what they are asking for is questionable; Increasing your self-esteem means shedding the image you have of yourself and finding the courage to take action and face fears. The very fears that created the image in the first place.

Self-esteem is essentially a measurement based on a comparison. We rate ourselves against a variety of internal and external factors to come up with a value of our worth. The problem is this rating is often based on impossible expectations and it leads to us judging ourselves harshly. We produce an unfair, inaccurate picture of who we really are. We turn these beliefs into facts and start to collect evidence to support it and we reject who we really are for who we feel we should be. In my opinion, self-esteem is not about ‘being’ but ‘doing’ as our own actions are decisive. We can gain or lose it at any time. This post is to introduce the next five posts on that will look at increasing your self-esteem and finding the true you.

We will look at:

How our mind works with the information we give it and how we become what we think.

Self Acceptance and changing the image we have of ourselves.

Conscious thinking and change by staying in the present moment.

Self discipline and responsibility

Living with assertiveness, values, integrity and purpose.

4 Thoughts

  1. Self esteem yes. It was one of the last pieces I found on my journey.

    One of the ways I built my self esteem was through daily affirmations along with meditation.

    Repeating out loud, in this moment, right now, I accept all of me.

    Saying it outloud engages more parts of the brain. I recorded it also and played it continually.

    In fact I need to get back to it.

    Great post doc.

    Ps. This post has received a lot of attention.

      1. More therapists should journey in your footsteps. Actually doing the work as you have makes your knowledge from school become wisdom.

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