Codependency Stories: Substance Abuse

Continuing our popular stories on real codependents, today we meet A who has been involved with an alcoholic for two years. R, her partner, has been in recovery for a year but the relationship is rocky as he goes through the steps needed to be sober and become a contributing member of society, a responsible adult and a faithful partner. A is reflecting on their time together and how her strong codependent issues have turned to an apathy about the relationship and possible counterdependence. Her is her story in her own words:

“I met R on a night out with work colleagues. He was smart, intelligent and there was an instant attraction on both sides. He seemed to be a gentlemen too, walking me home without the expectation of coming inside, texting every day just to say hello and check in. I fell fairly hard for this charismatic person who seemed to tick all the right boxes. He was very attentive for the first three months and I wanted for nothing in terms of affection. The relationship turned physical after two months and I was happy for it to do so. It seemed natural. The sex was great and after three or four bad experiences with men, I firmly believed I had found the man I could live the rest of my life with. Then one day, it changed. No contact for one day, two days and then a week…

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