Couples Therapy With A Narcissist? Avoid At All Costs!

A staggering amount of my clients who identify as codependent and are in a relationship with a self-centered or abusive partner have attempted couples therapy. It is also staggering the amount of times I hear that the reason for the couples therapy is that the abusive, controlling, sometimes narcissist partner feels they need it to “fix” a problem in the codependent. Yet still they go ahead with it. 

Codependency symptoms are as individual as you are and special solutions need to be found. DR JENNER’S INDIVIDUAL THERAPY and GROUP THERAPY are tailored made to your issues in an action based program. Free initial 60 minute consultation.

Even more alarming for me is how many times the fact is reported back that “the master manipulator”, that these people can be, was given centre stage by the therapist to claim himself as the victim. I have seen this particular pattern played out many times and it is something I look for closely when taking on new clients. Couples therapy is unfortunately one of the many tools in the armory of a narcissist to put the problem somewhere else. Victims of these people need protecting, not being made to feel that they are the main issue.

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Dr. Nicholas Jenner

Dr. Nicholas Jenner is a counseling psychotherapist in online private practice working with individuals, couples and groups, dealing with codependency issues, severe depression, bipolar, personality disorders, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders and other mental health issues. He has been practicing online for many years and recognized early that online therapy was a convenient method for people to meet their therapist. Working outside the box, he goes that extra mile to make sure clients have access to help between sessions, something that is greatly appreciated. He also gives part of his spare time up to mentor psychology students in a university setting.

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  1. Being MJ Everyday

    100% agree and experienced first hand. Luckily, my therapist saw thru him and told me to rin and never look back. That’s exactly what I did. Best decision I ever made.

  2. Susan

    Thank you for this post.