Increase your Self-Esteem in 10 Days. Day 10: Celebrate Your Success

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I am offering you the chance to change. Follow a series of posts and increase your self-worth and esteem. Low self-esteem is like a weight around your neck and stops you moving forward but it is not your story. It is the result of believing false stories and having a “I am bad” mental filter. Join me for the next 10 days and I would be happy to give you input on your answers. Send them to me using the contact form at the end of this post for free no-obligation advice. Details of my online therapy packages can be found on Good luck on your journey to the new you! Dr Nicholas Jenner.

You have spent the last nine days learning how the voices and self-talk in your head can become a pattern and a terrible habit to fall into. A habit that is hard to break. The exercises over the last nine days have taught you how to catch the voices in action and counter them and defend your right to feel worthy. These exercises, when practiced and sustained give you the chance to build a new habit…a habit of building and maintaining self-esteem. You have learnt how to observe yourself without judgment as you move through every facet of your life. Now we are ready to spend some time appreciating your worth. Each exercise will ask you to gather evidence that you are worthy.

Exercises for Day 10

  1. Revisit the six domains of self-esteem. Write down positive effects under each heading that have happened since day 1; The six life domains are:

Personal appearance

Relating to Others

How others see you

How you do your job/school

Your performance of daily tasks ( money management, food preparation, personal hygiene, protecting your health, self-care)

Mental functioning ( facing issues, relaxation, lessons learned)

As you write about positive aspects, try to recognize and counter any thoughts that come up that try to throw you off course. Catch the inner critic, what he is saying and what he is protecting you from.

Think of how a friend or partner would describe you under the six domains above. Again, write down ant critic voices.

Finally, write in positive terms about what you have learnt about yourself in these 10days.

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