The 7 Day Challenge Day 2: What Is The Lie? What Has Been Holding You Back?

Yesterday, we started the 7 day Challenge with Day 1, Check your Current Scenario, where I asked you to document an issue you might be having in your life that you know needs changing, however big or small.  This might be seen as the easy part of the challenge. We can all find something if we look hard enough that we might need to change. Some people can do this and move it forward quite easily without fuss, without too much drama, overthinking or problem. There are others who fail to recognize what is happening in their lives and there are also others who know but feel they cannot change things for some reason. There are also some, of course, who know full well that things need changing but do nothing even though they can, and complain that nothing has changed.  This is why the picture above could be misleading. That ball and chain often represents our own lack of motivation. Yes, we all have our own ways of looking at this process and we all make that change or not for different, often individual reasons. So, if you followed the post yesterday, you will have at least one issue that you felt is important enough to look at closer.

Today, in Day 2, I challenge you to look at yourself and how you have been dealing with the issue(s) you noted down. When we are afraid of change or we have lack of motivation to change, we live a lie, we tell ourselves lies and we look for evidence to back up the lie. I am challenging you today to look at the truth. Today is all about the reasons why the issue has been there and what was in your influence to change. Please document the answers to the following questions.

Are there are thoughts and feelings that stop you finding a solution? Do you fear something new? Do you have a lack of motivation or awareness?

What evasive action, if any are you taking to avoid a solution? Are you procrastinating, avoiding, distracting yourself? How is that making you feel?

Do you fear failure or success? (Yes, success…some people fear finding a solution in case it means more responsibility or other issues to face)

Are there any outside influences? Culture, society, spouse, family?

Are you worried about upsetting anyone else? Is your issue about someone else?

Have you done all you possibly can to move things on? If so, what?

Is your critical voice strong?

Do you believe your past is holding you back

What is it that you haven’t admitted to yourself?

What is your truth? What is your lie?

Tomorrow, we will be looking at a preferred scenario for your issue.

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