The 7 Day Challenge: A Summary

The 7 Day Challenge is over. If I look at the mails and responses I have had, many people followed it at least part way through. Not surprisingly, the most popular days were 2 and 4 that examined reasons why people find it difficult to move forward and the reasons why. In my experience of dealing with people in therapy, this is generally the most sought after answer! To finish the challenge, please find below a short summary and links to each day with a short description. It is never too late to start!

Introduction Podcast starting the challenge with an overview of the 7 days and what is expected.

Day 1:  Check your current scenario. What is the issue? How long has it been an issue? What does it mean that this issue is there? What have you done to solve it?

Day 2: What is the lie you have been telling yourself? What has been holding you back? What evasive action, if any are you taking to avoid a solution? Are you procrastinating, avoiding, distracting yourself? How is that making you feel?

Day 3: Visualize your preferred scenario. What would you like to achieve? What are the alternatives to your current scenario in Day 1? How would you feel if you could get to this point?

Day 4:  Build a strategy and fight polarized thinking that may be keeping you stuck and not able to make decisions

Day 5: More about polarized thinking. What is it protecting you from? Why do you think you need protecting? How to release control.

Day 6:  Test your commitment. Beat procrastination. Personal responsibility and self discipline.

Day 7:  Take Action. “Nothing will bring effective change and success more than taking positive action. No amount of reading, thinking, attending seminars and talking will stop you procrastinating and getting stuck unless you commit to definitive action”

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